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c# developer

Make amazing superb software and play on a vintage 80’s arcade
machine with a life-size Star Wars Storm Trooper on your side.

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C# developer

InfoBridge is looking for an all-round software developer. Your main language is C# but you are not afraid of working on all parts of SaaS solutions with various tools and languages. You have great affinity with ASP.NET MVC, SQL, NoSQL, Azure, JavaScript, HTML and advanced back-ends and have a passion for building awesome and beautiful software.

You and the team are responsible for both designing and building new products as well as enhancing and maintaining existing products, which are all developed internally at InfoBridge. We get the job done by using the latest available technology, git, Kanplan, continuous integration and so on. We train ourselves and each other with regular academy sessions on new technology and ideas.

InfoBridge is an internationally oriented independent software development company and service provider that offers SaaS solutions,  on-premises solutions, custom-made software and support services for leading business applications such as the and . Since 2003 we have evolved from developing custom integrations and add-ons for and to building large and scalable SaaS solutions created and maintained by a small team of developers and (DevOps) engineers.

Besides all that serious stuff we are a fun, creative and independent team of 10 employees and our success is mainly determined by their enthusiasm and inventiveness. So because we like to keep our employees enthusiastic and inventive our focus lies more on the results than on the time span in which you can realize your ideas. This way you are not only investing in the company by developing products, but also in your own future by developing yourself! And if needed we are willing to invest even more in your future with education or coaching.

So you want a good salary and a great team to work with? And you like to play on a vintage 80’s arcade machine with a life-size Star Wars Storm Trooper on your side and you enjoy bi-weekly massages by our health coach? Come work with us! Send an email with your information (CV) to Matthijs. Looking for our Employee Referral Program? Click

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