Data privacy is important to all our customers, but even more so for certain industries such as banking & financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and public sector. Knowing we are trusted with our customers’ information, we understand the critical need for consistently operating in a highly secure manner.At the core of InfoBridge solutions, customers are empowered with the control of their digital information. You can manage your data in a way that offers full control, including any of our customers’ potential personal data. Whether you are concerned about data transmission, data-at-rest, or accessibility, we provide customers with control of their data to support requirements for data privacy and compliance InfoBridge provides services and applications that enable customers to manage, store, and utilize their digital materials. As such, InfoBridge has limited access to data we process on behalf of our customers in connection with our services. InfoBridge does not access customer data for reasons not related to operating and maintaining services for our solutions.The level of trust from our customers comes from our parallel commitment to maintaining and continuously improving our controls and abilities to support our customers. InfoBridge policies regarding data privacy and security are backed by some of our key commitments to our customers, including:


InfoBridge will take all reasonable and appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorized and unlawful access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. We consider the risks involved in the processing and the nature of the personal data.


Global risk assessments for privacy and security of customer data are performed annually. Our assessments involve review and monitoring of information from management and leadership responsible for ensure that the relevant policies and procedures are being trained, followed, and tested.


InfoBridge conducts regular compliance audits of its relevant privacy practices to verify adherence to .


All documents, information, databases and samples (hereinafter called INFORMATION) that we obtain from customers remains the property of the customer. The INFORMATION should be handled so that it is not going to be backed up in any way. The documents, including all copies and extracts of these, as well as samples are to be destroyed after a period of four weeks.

Confidential INFORMATION is understood to mean any information or data of a confidential nature - including commercial, technical, development, operational, outcome, expenses or process information and know-how, any existing samples as well as all the data media that contain information or procedures.

InfoBridge will treat and use any INFORMATION given to him/her by the other partner as a company secret entrusted to him/her, will use it only to the purpose specified in the Support Case and will not make it available to third parties, unless the partner who made the INFORMATION available gives his/her express agreement in writing hereto.

This obligation applies only in as far as the INFORMATION demonstrably:

• Is not or has not become generally known,
• Was not given to the recipient by a third party without obligation to non-disclosure or was known to the recipient without a breach of the obligation to non-disclosure,
• Was known to the recipient previously without an obligation to non-disclosure,
• Was developed independently by him/her, or Is to be made public due to a binding order by an authority or court or due to a law,
• Was authorized in writing for release by the contractual partner who provided the INFORMATION.

The burden of proof lies at the recipient of the INFORMATION.

InfoBridge will take the same degree of care to ensure non-disclosure of the INFORMATION as they would for their own company secrets of the same importance. InfoBridge vouches for the fact that INFORMATION will not be passed on, revealed or distributed to anyone else, except to the necessary extent to their employees and third parties – in as far as they can learn about the INFORMATION – under the condition that these persons have been obliged to observe corresponding confidentiality in their work contracts or other corresponding contracts.

All rights to the INFORMATION remain with the informing partner. Licenses or any other rights to use of any kind whatsoever are not granted through these agreements. Neither of the partners enters into any kind of obligation to conclude any further agreements through this agreement. The partners are not obliged to effect any payment for the provision of documents in accordance with this agreement and exclude any warrantee for these documents or their suitability for specific purposes.

Request for Information
In case a documents, information, databases and samples are requested by InfoBridge Support, the files need to be transfered using the file transfer platform of WeTransfer;

• Customers can use the InfoBridge WeTransfer page to upload their files. A link to this page can also be found on
• InfoBridge can also send a file transfer requests by sending a link or mail to the customer when INFORMATION is needed. A password can be added as extra security to the download.

WeTransfer is fully compliant with the GDPR legislation. For more information and the Terms of Service of WeTransfer please visit:

InfoBridge will never ask you for passwords in an email chat or phone call. And we'll never ask you to send your password or other account information. Some applications include functionality that allows an administrator to impersonate another user, without entering that user’s password, while still tying actions back to the administrator’s user account. This is an acceptable alternative.


What is InfoBridge Privacy Policy and what does it cover?
InfoBridge Privacy Policy applies to all personal data received by Recurly Inc. in the United States from the European Union in any tangible and/or electronic medium.

Where is InfoBridge Privacy Policy located?
It can be accessed on our web site, at 

Will the InfoBridge Privacy Policy change?
InfoBridge Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time. We will give appropriate public notice when we make such changes, and any policy changes will be posted on our website.

Who can I contact for questions?
Please contact us at  or write to:
InfoBridge Software b.v.
c/o Legal Department
Europalaan 24F
5232 BC 's-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands

Who owns the personal data on my site?
The customer owns the data that is transmitted, managed, stored, and accessed using InfoBridge  services. InfoBridge customers determine the types of data they submit to the platform when using InfoBridge services. We have no direct relationship with the individuals whose information we receive from our customers or business partners.  We do not control such information, we do not select or determine the specific types of data that we process, and we do not determine the purpose for which it is processed.

Where is my personal data stored?
When using the InfoBridge Cloud Services, the customer’s data storage is based on the customer’s geographic location. InfoBridge uses Microsoft Azure data centers and currently offers support for the following base geographic locations.

For customers hosting InfoBridge products themselves, the location of data is solely managed by the customer.

Who is responsible for securing personal data?
InfoBridge provides the service and applications for customers to manage their data including any data categorized as personal data. The customer is ultimately responsible for managing their personal data. InfoBridge is responsible for the security of the systems and infrastructure to ensure that the data is handled in a secure manner.

What is Privacy Shield?
Privacy Shield is a data privacy framework designed by US Department of Commerce and European Commission. The purpose is to meet data protection requirements regarding the transfer of personal data to the United States from the European Union. This new transatlantic framework is also intended to replace the old Safe Harbor agreement.For more information please visit the .

Is InfoBridge Privacy Shield Certified?
InfoBridge Privacy Policy is based on and governed by the Privacy Shield framework which sets forth the principles that InfoBridge adheres to with respect to transfers of Personal Data from the European Union to the United States. InfoBridge is in the process of submitting for Privacy Shield certification.