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InfoBridge is a Dutch software developer with a focus on complex international business solutions with a high return on investment.

In 2003 we started our company with an ambitious goal; to become the leading developer of software synchronization software. Looking back at the last 10 years and 3000+ customers we can conclude that we are on the right track to achieve our goals! The company's family consists of 12 passionate people working on development and distribution of our business solutions. We really enjoy experiencing the success of our customers, where our business solutions often made the difference. When developing software we focus on ease of use and ways to make daily processes easier and more efficient, for all sorts of companies, large or small.

InfoBridge is technology market leader on calendar synchronization for various calendar systems and integration solutions between business solutions. The proof is in the eating of the pudding, so try out our solutions and get convinced like all our customers.

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Pierre van Mever

In charge of the
InfoBridge mothership

Latest gadget? Software update? Pierre is the man to go to. Always aware of what’s happening. This also goes for Pierre as the CEO: hands-on and always ready to rumble. Hit him with something new and cool and he will always be the most enthusiastic one in the company.

margarita rivas

In charge of keeping in
sync with the partners

There is always a smile on this woman's face. Always busy with a lot of different things, but whatever she does, she always gives it her full attention. Either if it’s watching Netflix shows, running or dancing, eh… Giving out licenses, calling our partners or visiting conferences, she is always right on it.

Matthijs Wagemakers

In charge of the development
control panel

As passionate about developing as he is about listening to rock/metal music and playing the latest games on his PS4. His drive makes him the perfect team member to cast a critical eye over our apps and services. Always enthusiastic, but always has a down-to-earth view on things.

Marcel Spapens

In charge of fulfilling
customer wishes

Wait, this is Marcel? Long time no see, because Marcel is always on the road visiting customers. And it suits him; because Marcel is a good listener and -in the end- he always finds a solution for any demand or any wish. He does this for customers, but also for us. You can never ask a dumb question.

Jessi Gruszka

In charge of
being social

As befits a true Gemini, she is very talkative and loves to share insights. Social butterfly much? Yes, she loves to hang out with friends and to keep in touch with them via every (online) medium you can think of. Superb, because in the meantime she can do some Internet shopping and Netflix binge watching. Multitasking alarm!

Andy Ramdin

In charge of turning things
back on again

He is the definition of a team player: open-minded, motivated and always willing to help. He can make you see things in a different light. Literally, because he loves to photograph people and once in a while a Stormtrooper for our website. He is a THE all-rounder of the team.

Thomas Speekenbrink

In charge of turning things
back on again

Rides through life on his bike and wants to see it all. And when the bike doesn’t take him far enough, he’ll take a plane. There’s always a way. The same goes for the Thomas we know at work: customer-oriented as he is, he will always find a way to help you out.

Carlo Pompen

In charge of turning bright ideas
into code

Highly interested in (digital) technology and always playing with the latest hardware and gadgets in his spare time. This helps him gather inspiration for his work as software architect and data flow specialist. Oh and he is also skilful offline as he is THE handyman to go to at InfoBridge.

Shree Shrestha

In charge of the zeros
and the ones

As InfoBridge loves to retrieve knowledge from all over the world, Shree is a real catch. He brings a lot of knowhow to the table and is very eager to learn new things. Synergy between Nepal and the Netherlands you could say, so we say: we have the best of both worlds in our hands.

Leon van Woezik

In charge of the project
of the future

Up to date about the latest news on the coolest gadgets, he is always looking forward to tomorrow a bit more than the rest of us. In the meantime he is developing a cool new app at InfoBridge or hanging out with his friends watching a movie or beating them at gaming.

Martijn van Kreij

In charge of the project
of the future

Always working on the future, not only for InfoBridge but also in the gym, where he physically and mentally trains himself to make sure he wins at table football. Pumped up and ready to party hard afterwards. And the next day? Back to business; we have a future to build.


In charge of anti
software piracy

Besides serving the Emperor, busy searching for droids, hunting down software pirates, getting the mail, vacuum cleaning and handling all average Stormtrooper duties.










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